2019/09/02 【2019客庄12大節慶活動表(English)】

2019 Hakka Village 12 Events Festival Zhaoan Hakka Culture Festival
Events Date, Details and Venues
Events Date and Contact Telephone Numbers Date Time Event Details Venues
Lighting up of Hakka Village
Martial Art Qikan Festival Opening Ceremony
Contact Tel no.:0911-808124
Miss Chou
16:30-18:00 * Gathering Bamboo Torches
* Zhaoan Qikan Martial Art Performance
Parking Lot next to the Lunbei Library and nearby Streets
16:30-18:00 * Free Hakka Cultural Crafts, Hakka Food tasting session
18:00-21:00 * Mobile phone check in venues and send gifts
18:00-19:00 * Opening Ceremony of Qikan Cultural Festival
19:00~21:30 * Zhaoan Village Bamboo Torch March
19:00~21:30 * Zhaoan Hakka Performance
Welcome to Zhaoan,Yunlin- A Fun Place
(Bicycle and Walking)
Contact Tel no.:05-6962945
Mr. Liao
09/21(Saturday) 08:30-16:00 * Mini Trip Hakka Villages by bicycles Lunbei, Erlun and Xiluo Hakka Villages
* Zhaoan Hakka Arts Crafts Performance
* Hakka Villages Cultural Tours
09/28(Saturday) 08:30-13:00 * Walking around the Hakka Village Lunbei Zhaoan Hakka Culture Hall
* Hakka Language and Phrase Games
* Students and Teachers Picnic
Old Memory of Photography and Liao Hakka
Contact Tel no.0933-423749
09/07-09/29 09:00-18:00 * Old Photography Exhibition Show Room of Lunbei Zhaoan Hakka Culture Hall
09:00-16:30 * A Review of Zhaoan Hakka- Hakka Language Conversation with Director Peng Kai Yuan Cultural Room of Lunbei Zhaoan Hakka Culture Hall
* Professor Kuo Ying Che Teaching Liao Hakka Martial Arts
* Sharing Experience of Promoting Hakka Language
Xi Wong (River) Ritual
Contact Tel no.:0910-992972
10/05(Saturday) 10:00-10:30 * Xi Wong (River) Ritual Erlun Sheng Ken Avalokitesvara Buddha Temple
10:30-11:00 * Local Teachers Story Telling
11:00-12:00 * Wall Painting Arts by Local Children
11:30-13:00 * Arts and Crafts Show
Learning Zhaoan Culture
Contact Tel no.:05-5982001-209
Mr. Chen
10/05(Saturday) 08:30-13:00 * Hakka Language Games Erlun Sports Park
* Zhaoan Forlk Stories and Poems
* Exhibition of Zhaoan Culture and Local Products
* Zhaoan Cultural Carnival
* Hakka Traditional Cuisine Demonstration
Visiting Zhaoan Hakka Villages
Contact Tel no.:0937-249889
Mr. Liao-Lin
10/06(Sunday) 09:10-12:00 * Broom Stick Making Workshop Erlun Leihuei Elementary School
* Rice Husk Removing Workshop
10:00-10:30 * Opening Ceremony
10:30-12:00 * Hakka Vegetable Pickles Making Workshop
* Community Foods and Products Show
* Community Culture Games
09:00-16:00 * Exhibition of Hakka Farming Tools Erlun Leihuei Community Center
Zhaoan Hakka Lion Martial Arts
Contact Tel no.:05-5982601
Mr. Lee
08/01-08/30 08:30-11:30 * Zhaoan Lion Dance Workshop Erlun Xugang Elementary School
08:30-11:30 *  Qikan Martial Arts Workshop
09/07(Saturday) 18:40-18:50 *Qikan Opening Ceremony Parking Lot next to the Lunbei Library
Zhaoan Qikan Martial Arts Story Summer Club
Contact Tel no.:0975-698717
Miss Lee
08/14-08/24 09:00-17:00 *  Qikan Kang Wei Martial Arts Traditional Story Theatre Summer Club Qikan Kang Wei Community Center, Erlun Story House
09/07(Saturday) 18:30-18:40 * Opening Ceremony of Qikan Kang Wei Martial Arts Traditional Story Theater The Opening Main Stage next to the Lunbei Library
Lunbei Arts and Crafts Learning Contact Tel no.:05-6552006-202
Mr. Yea
09/07(Saturday) 16:00-18:00 * Zhaoan Documentary Video
*  Zhaoan Grandma Documentary Video
The Opening Show Area next to the Lunbei Library
Hakka Ritual of Xiluo Qikan Chung Yeung Festival
Contact Tel no.:0937-784554
Mr. Liao
10/07(Monday)   *Workshop the ancestors with Zhaoan Ceremony Xiluo Chong Yuan Temple