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Tanzi Fire illuminates Hakka Village~ 2020 Yunlin Shaoan Hakka Cultural Festival Series Activities

  1. 2020 Yunlin Shaoan Hakka Cultural Festival Opening Activities
9/26 Sat      16:00-21:30 Parking lot next to Lunbei Township Library
16:00 Shaoan Hakka Features Experience(Culture、Hakka Language、Martial Arts、Open-mouthed Lion 、Puppet Show、Specialty Food)
19:00 Opening Ceremony & Fire Dragon tours Hakka Village
Contact: Shuibiantou Chongxian Temple, Miss Chou, TLE:0911-808124
  1. Walk with God at the night of Moon FestivalShaoanke’s Feature Culture   -Shuibantou Evening Scene
10/1 Thursday 19:00~21:30 Shuibiantou Chongxian Temple court and streets area
 Contact: Shuibiantou Chongxian Temple, Miss Chou, TEL:0911-808124
  1. Image of Hakka Village
  1. Exhibition of Hakka Village Reclamation History and Folk Culture Activities
    10/6-10/25 09:00-18:00 Shaoan Hakka Cultural Center
  2. Shaoanke Cultural Forum
    10/11, Sunday, 10:00-17:00 Shaoan Hakka Cultural Center
Local reclamation history/ Teacher Yang, Chaojie
Discussion on the preservation of cultural assets/Teacher Lin, Maoxian
Folk cultural activities recommended experiences sharing and reflection / Teacher Qui, Yanqui
Contact: Maoerhan Cultural and Historical Association,
Mr. Yang, TEL:0933-423749
  1. Thankful Blessing River King Festival 10/10, Saturday 10:00-12:00 Erlun Township Shenkeng Guanyin Buddha Temple
Shigandang worship River King Ceremony、The origin of Shaoan Hakka Language Explanation Ceremony、Performance、Tour Hakka Village
Contact: Erlun Township, Shenkeng Community Development Association,
Mr. Liao 0910-992972
  1. Explore Shaoan in Erlun 10/17 Saturday, 09:00-13:00 Erlun Township Sports Park (Farmer’s Feet) Hakka Language Challenge、Shaoanke Poetry and nursery rhymes、Shaoan Feature Product Exhibition、Shaoan Art Carnival、Experience Shaoan Hakka Gourmet、DIY Activities
Contact: Erlun Township Office, Miss Cheng 05-5982001
  1. Huitouwu~ Old House Concert 10/18 Sunday, 16:00-19:00
    Erlun Township, Laihui Community, Fu Mian Tang Plaza
16:00-17:00 Visit Hakka old house、Hakka Challenge、Hakka Language Challenge
17:00-18:30 Opening Ceremony and Performance、Gourmet Experience and DIY activities
18:30-19:00 Hakka Food Feast
Contact: Erlun Township, Laihui Community Development Association,
Mr. Liao-Lin, TEL:0937-249889
  1. Yunlin Hospitality- Cycling and short trip 10/24 Saturday,
    08:30-16:00 Muster in front of the Lunbei Township Office
Lunbei Township Office (Muster)-Hakka Cultural Center-Yanyuan Hakka Highlights-Yangyuan Shuntian Temple-Nangyang community Highlights-Lunbei Elementary school-Lunbei Junior school-Lunqian Yantai Lake-Gangwei Earth God-Gangwei Shuntian Temple-Erlun Township Shenkeng-Sankuaicuo-Unhwa Bridge-Nanzi Hakka Village Activity Center-Tianwei – Erlun streets – Xiluo Chongyuan Hall-Laihui Huitouwu Hakka Village-Xindian Hakka Village-Shuibiantou Chongxian Temple-Qianqiao Valley Ranch-Lunbei Township Office
Registration Methods: The paper registration forms are placed in every organization of Lunbei Township and Village offices, or you can register directly on website of the Office
Registration Period: Until 10/23 at 12 noon.  You can also sing up on the day of the event.
Contact Terminal: Civil Affairs Section of Lunbei Township Office,
 Yihua Huang, TEL: 05-6962945。
  1. Shaoan Hakka Chongyuan Temple Autumn Ancient Ritual Worship to Ancestors 10/25 Sunday【Double Ninth Festival】09:00-12:00 Chongyuan Temple
Contact: Liao Yuanzi Public Education Association, Mr. Liao, TEL:0937-784554
  1. Autumn In-depth Shaoan Hakka Village Cultural Tour
  1. 9/26-9/27 “Fashion, fun farmer! “Two days activities
Contact:Friendly Agriculture, Miss Ni, TEL: 0928-367903 or 05-5982465
Fee:$2000TWD/1 person
「Fashion, fun farmer! 」Two days activities Qianqiao Valley Cow Paradise Ranch🡪Fennel Farm🡪Shaoan Hakka Cultural Festival Folklore Experience🡪Mailiao Yundu Hotel (overnight)🡪Zhaoyang Green Energy Park (Mushroom Park Tour)🡪Honyuan Organic Farm🡪King Restaurant🡪Dayi Cooperative Farm🡪Yucheng Hydroponic Farm
  1. 10/18Let’s go to Xue Street~Listen to the story, Play Martial Arts, Enjoy the food “One day Family activities
Contact:Yunlin Storyteller Association, Miss Liu, TEL: 0911-101338
        Charging Methods:
  • Outer counties: $500 TWD/1 person.
  • Yunlin County: $250 TWD/1 person
  • Children under 12, the fee will be half. We encourage parents and children to participate together.
  • The fee includes guide fee, flavor meal, insurance, and DIY materials, etc.
Date Time Activities 地點
09:50~10:00 Check-in Erlun Story House
10/18 Sun 10:00~11:00 Listen~The legend of martial Arts in Qiqian Gangwei
11:00~12:00 Inheritance~ Hakka martial arts inheritance experiecne
12:00~13:00 Food~Hakka food story feast  Shaoan Hakka Inn
13:00~14:00 Education~ How much you know about Shoaan Hakka Festival?  Erlun Township, Laihui Community
14:00~15:00 Learn~ Torch DIV
15:00~17:00 Tour ~ Hakka Old House Tour
17:00~18:30 Fun~ Shaoan Old House Concert
18:30~19:00 Eat~ Hakka Gourmet
19:00~20:00 Greet~ Firedragon greets the dark scene
Website:” Yunlin County Cultural Tourism” & “ Shaoan Hakka Cultural Festival”