2017 Zhaoan Uncle Hakka Village Trip
Hakka Cultural Festival in Yunlin
From October 1 to 
October 28
Festival Information
  • This festival, the “Zhaoan Uncle Hakka Village Trip”, is hosted in hope that people will understand the Hakka culture on a deeper level, especially the Hakka lifestyle, traditions, performances, arts, cuisines, industrial sectors, environmental protections, and tourist sites. This year’s focus, the Zhaoan Village, will be accompanied by Xiluo Qikan’s Chang and Liao family from the south and Lunbei’s Lee and Chung family and Erlun’s Lee family from the north. All the different tribal traditions/cultures will be displayed at the exhibition in the Lunbei Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall! The magnificent opening ceremony will also be hosted in the Cultural Hall!
  • Map Attached below
  • While it is essential to display the traditional Hakka culture, the organizers of this festival believe that it is also important to show how the modern lifestyle is incorporated into Hakka traditions. Therefore, the festival’s purpose this year will be “Retrieve Hakka culture, preserve traditional lifestyle, and bring in innovations.” Other than the numerous events that will be hosted, various local bands will also come in to perform for us. Furthermore, during the opening ceremony, there will be lots of bamboo fireworks, kung-fu performances,  lion dances, and puppet shows, which will fill the whole place up with excitement and happiness and will leave everyone with a thrilling experience! The organized hope that through this unique festival, the culture of Hakka can be a lot more well known by the county and even the entire world. With that being said, we hope that everyone can come to this event, doesn’t matter if you are a local resident here, a citizen in Taiwan, or even a citizen from a foreign country!
      The activities/events are separated into four main parts:
  1. Creativity Contest:
    1. Bamboo torch fire DIY
    2. Paper torch DIY
    3. Lighting torch party
  2. Hakka Lifestyle exhibition:
    1. Display of traditional farming tools
    2. Exhibition of arts, pictures, and sculptures
    3. Bike around the Hakka village
  3. Traditional Cuisines/Local Agricultural Products
    1. Happy hour with food in Xilou
    2. Learn how to make soy sauce with fermented bean curd
    3. Hakka tea ceremony
  4. Hakka Language and Culture
    1. Music/Dance performances
    2. Hakka language mini games
    3. Pei Kuan/Drum troupes performances
    4. Story time with  puppets
  There are still a lot of surprising activities and things that you will discover over here in Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall. This festival not only provides you a chance to learn more about Taiwan’s Hakka culture, bout also gives you the chance to explore the beauty of Formosa with your friends and family! Everyone is welcomed to come here, so grab your family and friends and come here right away!
Lastly, please keep in mind that the entire festival is
Excited To See You
 Here In Yunlin!
Lunbei, Xilou, Erlun

20167Cultural Festival in Yunlin
Zhaoan­-Uncle Hakka Village Trip(ZHVT)
Schedule of
October 1 to October 28
Activity Date Time Activity Information Location
ZHVT Opening Ceremony / Press Conference 09/06 10:00-12:00 Introduction program by Zhaoan Samboo: Opening Lion,
Glove Puppet and Kung Fu Master
Lunbei Zhaoan  Hakka Cultural Hall
Zhaoan-Uncle Hakka Village Trip
Contact Tel:
09/10 09:00-16:00 Creativity competition:
Kung-Fu, Opening Lions, Puppetry
Lunbei Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall
10:50-11:00 Cultural Hall Opening
09/11 9:00-16:00 Mini games:
 Speak Hakka!
Night at Shuibiantou-
Lighting Torches Parade
Moon Festival
Contact Tel:
09/01-09/15 18:00-20:00 Bamboo Fire Torch Arts Chongxian
09/05-09/09 Time inform later Paper Torch DIY Elementary Schools in Lunbei
09/15 18:00-21:30 Lighting Torch Party Chongxian Temple
09/15 19:30-21:30 Lucky Community Night Party Chongxian Temple
Welcome to Laihui- Visit Old Buildings and Arts Exhibition
Contact Tel:
09/25 09:00-15:00 Toys DIY Erlun –
 Lai-Hui Elementary School and
Visit Old Buildings
Display of Traditional Farming Tools/  Arts/Pictures/ Sculptures
Zhaoan Parade
Contact Tel
10/01 08:30-16:30 Bike around Lumbei, Erlun, and Xiluo Lunbei
Erlun Glorifies 
Contact Tel:
05-5982001 ext.113
10/01 08:30-13:00 DIY Painting/Rubbing Erlun Recreation Park
Historical Stories of Zhaoan
Zhaoan Manufacture Products/Hakka Toy/Carving
Cultural Exhibition
Zhaoan Art and culture Carnival
Searching for Delicious Cuisine in Xiluo
Contact Tel:
(Please sign up ahead of time for the events.)   ---    
10/01 10:00-16:00 DIY Painting/Rubbing The Old Street of Xiluo
Happy Hour with food Xiluo Tong Market
10/02 10:00-16:00 ~ditto~ The Old Street of Xiluo
10:00-16:00 ~ditto~ Xiluo Tong Market
09:30-16:00 Hakka Tea Ceremony
(Held one during AM and one during PM)
Xiluo Je-Fa Tea Hall
〈2 days 1 night〉
〈10/1〉09:00-〈10/2〉16:00 Autum Trip to Erlun and Xiluo
(2 days 1 night)
Ring Bells With The 8 Tribes
Contact Tel:
Music/Dance Performances:
Pei Kuan/Drum Troupes
Lubei Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall
Praying items exhibition
Story time with puppets
Hakka Dance performances- The forbidden secret
Shin-Ken community -pray and cherish the Si Wong
Contact Tel:
10/9 10:00-10:45 Worship the
 Gangdang God
The River King Ceremony
Erlun Shan-Ho
(Shin-Kan Communities)
10:45-13:00 Zhaoan Hakka carnival:
Kung-Fu, Opening Lions dance
Event Informtion:
 Activity Address:
  1. Lunbei Zhaoan Hakka Cultural Hall  (No. 28-8, Min-Shen Road, Lunbei )
  2. Temple Chongxian  (No. 23-21, Gar-Nan Road, Kunwei village, Lunbei )
  3. Lai-Hui Elementary School  (No. 12, Hwei-Lai Road, Erlun )
  4. Erlun Recreation Park  ( Erlun    )          
  5. Xiluo Je-Fa Tea Hall  (No. 92, Yen-Pin Road, Xiluo)
  6. The Old Street of  Xiluo  ( Yen-Pin Road,Xiluo)

Location Map



History Background of
Zhaoan Hakka Cultural in Yunlin

  The Hakka language in Taiwan has developed into five major variants or dialects, which are known as Si, Hai, Da, Ping, and An. The An is short for the less known Zhaoan Hakka language while Yunlin County is where most Zhaoan Hakka speakers have settled.
  These Hakkas live in three Yunlin townships: Lunbei, Erlun and Xiluo (or Siluo). Lunbei Township consists of Shuibiantou, Gangwei, Laocuozhuang (Luocuo), Xinqiliao, Xincuozi, Lunbeilunxia (Lunqian), Xidi, Yanyuan, Bongoliao (Fangnan), Shanjie, Xiajie, and Xinzhuang. Erlun Township includes Nandiliao, Bajiaoting, Houbiliao (Tianliao), Xindian, Huitocuo (Laihui), Erlunzi, Da’erlun, Youche, Gouzibei, Hebaoyu, Tianwei, Shenkeng, Sanzuocuo (Sankuaicuo), Shibachangli, Nanzi, Yongdingcuo, and Yangshengchuang. Furthermore, Wucuo, Jiulong (Jiukuaicuo), Guangxing, Xinshe, Xiluo and Puxin in Xiluo Township are also home to Zhaoan Hakka people.
  Zhaoan Hakka’s ancestors came from the barren mountainous areas – Guanbi, Xiuzhuan and Xiage Townships in Zhaoan County, Zhangzhou Prefecture, Fujian Province, China. They first crossed the strait to Taiwan at a very early time. Around the middle of the reign of Emperor Kangxi, namely at least over three hundred years ago, they settled in the region where Yunlin County is located today. Due to long-term interactions with the Hoklo people from southern Fujian (also referred to as Minnan) and social development and the shift of family structure following intermarriage between Hakka and non-Hakka people, the Hakka language, life, customs and culture have been Hoklorized gradually. The lack of normalized vowels in Zhaoan Hakka dialect has made an increasing number of descendents unable to speak the tone and very probably will cause their Hakka culture to vanish as time goes by.
  This festival is initiated and organized spontaneously by Zhaoan Hakka residents who are deeply worried about the possible extinction of their own culture, hoping to remind all Zhaoan Hakkas in Taiwan of their homage to ancestors, the attention to and inheritance of one’s own culture, life and customs. Through the events, they expect to regain and explore the feelings and values from the past, as well as to make the profound Zhaoan Hakka culture known to people throughout the nation